Easter 2017

  • Special Service times

    Sunday, April 16  @8:30am & 10:45am

    Join us for a celebration of ressurrection of our Lord and Savior. On Easter Sunday we change the time of our regular early service from 9:15 to 8:30am. We do not have Discipleship Classes or Sunday School on Easter. The nursery and toddler room is available for ages 3 and under. 

  • Easter breakfast

    Sunday, April 16  @9:30-10:30am

    This year's menu is pancakes, eggs, sausage, cinnamon rolls and mixed fruit. There are no teen or adult classes this day so we invite everyone to enjoy breakfast together. Meal donations are welcome. 

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  • Easteriffic

    Saturday, April 8   @9:00 -10:30am

    This is our annual event for families with children to come for fun activities, food, prizes, etc. 

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  • Operation Serve: Easter Edition

    Saturday, April 22   @start-times vary

    On this day, some people will participate in the Findlay Backyard Mission Trip, which is a great all-day event to restore hope and healing to our community. Other service projects at the church or visits to our elderly and newer attenders will also be an option that day. 

The Origins of easter

Easter means different things to different kinds of people...

The origin of the Easter holiday goes back several thousand years to ancient times in Babylonia. It was a religious holiday commemorating the spring season of growth and new/resurrected life believed to be initiated by the goddess, Ishtar (pronounced Easter.) The rabbit was a traditional animal that symbolized the holiday, which was celebrated at or near the Spring equinox (March 21). Today, many western cultures still consider Easter to be a age-old holiday focused on the Easter Bunny and colorful, candy-filled eggs. Indeed, new life deserves to be celebrated, but Easter has come to mean so much more for the followers of Jesus. 

Despite the original meaning of the spring-time holiday that had existed for centuries, the early Church Council of Nicea proclaimed that in 325 A.D., under the authority of Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor,  their annual remembrance of Jesus of Nazareth would overtake the pagan holiday of Easter.  Because everyone recognized the Easter holiday, it was much easier to convert the empire to the God of the Bible by newly recognizing Easter as the day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ Messiah, the one and only Son of God who truly brings newness of life in the Spirit. This was the starting point of the Church-State. Essentially, they agreed to a "merger" of sorts with primacy given to the Church. Since then, the Christian Church has always celebrated the death and resurrection of Christ on Easter, which is always the Sunday following the first full moon of Spring, and usually aligns with the Jewish holiday of the Passover (Pasach). 

Because Easter has a double-meaning, and because it's a long tradition in our society, our local church does not 'judge' those who partake in secular Easter festivities. We encourage all believers to point unbelievers to the Biblical story of the resurrection of Jesus, the God-man who offers newness of life to all who will believe in Him. Though the holiday of Easter does indeed have a non-biblical origin, we believe that the power of God moving through His Church overcomes the power of the world. We affirm the tradition of the Catholic Church to Christianize Easter long ago, affirming new life because we believe that Jesus has risen on the 'third day', is resurrected from the dead,  and is now alive giving us victory over sin and death.  It's a season to ask oneself, Have I been born again of the Holy Spirit? If so, How can I live counter-culturally for the glory of God?  

''For God so loved the world, he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."   

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We welcome you to join us this Easter season. 

For families with children, we also celebrate the Christ-centered

meaning of Easter every year at our Easteriffic event.