Grow in Faith

Spiritual growth doesn't happen by accident. A disciple/follower of Jesus must commit to the process of growing and maturing in their faith and disciplines. 

Check out several ways you can take another step in your faith journey. 

Becoming a disciple

Every believer has experienced that moment when they knew for certain that they were destined for heaven - not because they had deserved it, but only through faith in Jesus Christ. This experience is called SALVATION to use Biblical terminology. 

If you  would like to learn more about the Christian faith, we recommend that you view a short film "The Cross" or "The Value of a Soul". These movies present the truth of the Gospel and eternal life in a remarkable way, sure to connect with your soul and help your move closer in your walk with Christ. 

Watch The Cross  [featured at our 2013 My Hope with Billy Graham televised event]

Watch Value of a Soul  [featured at our 2017 Harvest Dinner]

As always, one of our pastors would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the Bible, your faith, or spiritual matters of any kind. If you truly believe, you are a disciple of Jesus!


We encourage all new believers to take their next step in faith to be baptized in one of our Sunday morning worship services as a public profession of faith in Jesus.

We offer baptism four times per year. Please let the office know if you are ready for such a milestone event in your life. A one-hour baptism class taught by Pastor Mike is required. 

Watch a sample baptism ceremony HERE.

We also offer Basic Bible Studies by meeting one-on-one with a mature believer for 1-2 hours at your own pace.

Additional "next steps" could include: 

  • attending a Connexions Tour
  • completing a one-time Discover Class
  • explore a Discipleship Class
  • joining a D-Group
  • taking a personal online assessment

Discipleship classes

On any given  week, a couple hundred of our folks get together in classes for interactive Bible teaching, discussion and, of course, some great fellowship.   

Classes are available Sunday mornings at 9:15 or 10:45am or Wednesday night "Boost" at 6:45pm. The door is always open and a chair available for the first-time guest. Adult class sizes are typically 10-30 people.We hope you will join us!



We encourage everyone to get more involved in the life of the church by joining one or more kinds of D-Groups. At the very least, we hope that growing believers in Christ would be making contact with other people in a meaningful ways with encouraging words or conversations. These brief encounters we like to call TouchPoints. We try to organize efforts for sustained relationships to happen through the following three ways. 


Watch Pastor Mike Explain Disciple Groups at our 2016 Chili Cook-Off event: 

Watch Now>

Ask about how you continue learning and growing:

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