In 2015, we completed a large-scale renovation to our foyer, hallways and sanctuary. 

You can see all of the construction progress on the video series below.

The Pre-renovated Sanctuary

Watch a last few moments we shared together during revival services 2015 before renovations began four days later. 

Forward the above video link to 20:00. 

Vlog 1 - Sept.13

Vlog 2 - Oct.25

Vlog 3 - Oct.27

Vlog 4 - Oct.28

Vlog 5 - Oct.30

Vlog 6 - Nov.3

Vlog 7 - Nov.9

Vlog 8 - Nov.13

Vlog 9 - Nov.17

Vlog 10 - Nov.20

Vlog 11 - Nov.24

Vlog 12 - Nov.30

Vlog 13 - Dec.5

Vlog 14 - Dec.11



New cross, altars, carpeting, chairs, lighting, piano, drums, paint and more. 

Work PRojects

  • Promiseland - Opens Sept 2017

    We remodeled our pre-school and kindergarden worship area and gave it a new name. This room is to the left of the stage in the Family Life Center. It's open weekly during our second service at 10:45am. 

  • Parking Lot - August 2017

    Sealcoating and striping of all parking lots and driveways. Earlier in the year we completed four new outdoor signs around the building, numbered the outside doors, and hung signage above our welcome center. 

  • Summer work day - august 2017

    We welcomed a group on incoming studnts from the University of Findlay to help with outdoor landscaping and painting. 

  • Spring work day - april 2017

    Operation Serve: Easter Edition welcomed several people to help with various projects. 

  • New Parking Lot - Aug 2016

    We installed a brand new parking lot over what once was a gravel lot and extended it also 18ft. We also paved the back driveway to Melrose Avenue that was gravel. In November, we installed two new light poles outdoors.